Writing goal completed!

Writing goal completed!
Photo by Steven Houston / Unsplash

Yesterday I reached my goal of 14 days of daily writing, and there were some interesting things to realize. Nothing significant or unpredictable since many experts would have predicted this.

If you want to repeat the experiment, let me warn you: The first few days are hard. The writing could be more focused, the words come slowly, and the subjects seem like a great idea once you start writing. Once, I began writing on three topics before finally finding a topic I could finish writing. But by the second week, I had already noticed some improvements: The words came more effortless, and the article's ending was no longer a struggle. The pieces also took way less time, but this became a risk since I'm lazy and writing this with 5 minutes left before midnight.

Usually I would always write the article the day before. Still, I often finish writing the essay before work or at the end of the day. And at the start, I always had one article in the buffer.

By writing more, it became easier to articulate my thoughts. The concepts I wanted to share were better defined, and for a scatterbrain like me, that is very welcome. Again, this is something any expert in writing can confirm, and now I'm hoping these effects will also transfer to other areas of my life.

So what now?

Well, frankly, I don't know. There is currently some personal stuff going on in my life that will take some attention away; then again, I want to continue the streak of writing. After all, how often will you write and post daily articles? And how long can you keep on doing that?

Then again, I also wish to write more thought-out articles. But those articles will take more time. The downside is that I still need to be confident that I can write those articles with the same ease as the current ones.

So I have decided to extend the experiment by at least a week. Worst case: There is no additional benefit. But I'm banking on the fact that to become skilled in something, one must repeat it often and repeat it quickly. This is why the idea of writing only one or two particular days has passed my mind, but I decided against it. After all, there is still plenty of room to improve.

Some advice

If you also want to start writing daily, you only need to start writing. Keep a notebook with you in which you can write down subjects. Plenty of things throughout the day make an interesting subject.

Also, feel free to post it on social media. Some of these articles gained attention in a way I couldn't have predicted. And I will admit that boosted my ego.

Finally, keep the bar low. Some articles could be better. But the only to improve our writing is through practice. And if you want to improve, you better accept you're terrible at it.