The very first post

The very first post
Photo by Octavian Dan / Unsplash

The obligatory introduction of a new website. Something I always dread and also the post that I find the least interesting. The only reason why I write such a post is to verify if everything is working as expected. So let's get started.

The goal of this website is to either become my personal website or to become a community website. A place that is PoweredByDeveloper(s), those people (or person) that power all most all software. The people that allow me to write this article, but also allows you to read this article. The people that make the internet work. The people that make the world go round.

Most likely when you are reading this you are part of my target audience (👋 hi).

Other than that much needs to be decided. The only thing I'm certain of is that I want to create a Fediverse instance so that there is a place for my social interactions. Not quite certain if it's going to be mastodon or something else.

Anyway next is installing mastodon (just to see how it works) and checking if the SMTP integration is working.